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Free Offer For Inlet & Upscale Property Owners In South Florida!

Updated: Jun 20

I want to use this week's blog to discuss one of my next portfolio offerings that I need some help with from the local community. Specifically South Florida, and more specifically, anyone who owns an upscale home in the Boca Raton area and anyone with a home on the inlet between Boca Raton and Lighthouse point. This includes the Lake Boca area and any other of the smaller inlets off the main. I have a special photography offer just for you!

As some of you may know that have been following me for the last couple years, I am working on photographing major city skylines for my Cityscape Collection. So far, I have bagged Chicago, New York City and Miami into my collection.

I build these images by photographing the skyline with anywhere from 5-14 different photos I capture, then bringing them into Lightroom where I stitch them together making a seamless panorama. You can read in the captions to see how many images I used to create each cityscape.


Chicago, IL (built w/6 seperate images)

New York City - Lower Manhattan (built w/5 seperate images)

Miami, FL (built w/14 seperate images)


So what does this all have to do with your upscale or inlet property? Well, I want to do to your property what I do to my cityscapes. I want to create a dramatic "Propertyscape" panoramic image of your home for you to have and display. I'm looking for a small handful of people to allow me to use your home or property as future portfolio samples, and to have me come out to your home and photograph it from it's best angle at the either times near sunrise or sunset to help create the best image. I am able to offer photography by boat for inlet properties where needed. In return, you would receive a free Propertyscape session by myself and the full sized edited digital copy of your Propertyscape to keep.

My intentions later this year is to offer Propertyscape packages for homeowners and snowbirds of their South Florida properties to deliver 2 large high quality framed portraits of their homes, with snowbirds getting an extra one to take it back "home" with them to remind them of what's waiting for them in the winter. And this is a limited time offer for you to be one of the first to get their Propertyscape for free and at absolutely no cost to you.

For more details and information on my complimentary offer, email me at and let me know you're interested and I can go over any questions and session details.

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